Top 10 Best Bow Hunting Backpacks [January 2022]

Being able to carry all your hunting gear comfortably is one of the main aspects to consider when shopping for a bow hunting backpack. And being able to access all your gear easily when needed is a must for many hunters.

Backpack quality is also extremely important, as the load to carry can be substantial and the weather conditions extreme.

The good thing is that today there are plenty of options catering for all needs and budgets.

This list highlights some of the best bow hunting backpacks and designs of hunting backpack with bow holder available right now in all price ranges. There is no excuse to get one that would help you to fully enjoy your hunting trips.

Best Hunting Backpacks with Bow holder

1hunting backpackHunting Backpacks with Bow holderBuy on Alibaba
2Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler, Approach, 2019 CloseoutBadlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler, Approach, 2019 CloseoutBuy on Amazon
3TENZING TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack, Kryptek Highlander, One SizeTENZING TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack, Kryptek Highlander, One SizeBuy on Amazon
5ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Crossfire X Hunting PackALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Crossfire X Hunting PackBuy on Amazon

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Top Hunting Packs

Hunting Backpacks with Bow holder or backpacks with bows

It has two optimal access points; with both front and top-loading access your gear is always within reach. At 51 liters, this pack serves well as a daypack but is also great for shorter multi-day trips, as it also is a great game hauler.

With its body-following contours and bottom-shelf design, the Intex frame provides excellent comfort and stability. It’s a perfect combination of lightweight comfort and bomber-toughness.

Dual full-depth spotting scope and hydration pockets run top-to-bottom on both sides of the pack.

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpacks with Bow holder

hunting backpack

The 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpacks with Bow holder from Badlands is a terrific bag whether you are a bow or rifle hunter. You can also take it as one of the high-end rifle hunting backpacks. With its near-perfect center of gravity, the backpack works with your body‘s own natural ability to support the weight.

The T-6 aircraft aluminum frame bypasses your spine and transfers any size load evenly down to your hips through the molded foam suspension, greatly increasing comfort and control.

Its multiple pockets let you carry bows, rifles, tripods, and hydration systems, and even includes two hip-belt pistol holsters.

The bat-wing design allows the pack to be compressed down to a manageable hunter’s daypack, yet, when opened up, will carry an elk quarter. This is truly a multi-purpose hunting pack.

Tenzing TZ 4000 Back Country Hunting

The Tenzing TZ 4000 is an extremely well-designed versatile hunting pack with bow holder. With a couple of quick adjustments, it can be configured into 3 primary sizes, giving you all the space your hunt may need.

Packed in, it provides a generous 2,500 cubic inches. If your hunt requires more space, open the expanding side compartments for an additional 300 cubic inches.

And when you haul out that monster buck, open up the central meat compartment for another whopping 1,400 cubic inches.

It comes with a fully adjustable torso suspension, a rigid internal aluminum frame, and padded hip support.

Add its 5 horizontal and 4 vertical compression straps and you will be able to secure your entire load. It can also fit a 3-liter water bladder.

Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpacks with Bow holder


The X2 hunting backpack from Eberlestock is a tough little pack with big pack features, with oversized compression straps for lashing on a heavy load, dual hydration compartments, and quick-access pockets for spotting scopes and tripods.

It has been designed to carry shotguns, a full-scale hunting rifle, or a compound bow.

The outside straps are perfect for carrying tree stands and steps, as well as quarters in game bags, with other gear inside the main pack. The side pouches are great for easily accessing gear without needing to open the main pack.

This backpack expands and can hold a lot of stuff but can be cinched down surprisingly small for minimizing profile while in a tree stand.

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Crossfire X Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Crossfire X Hunting Pack

The Crossfire X is a great backpack for the hunter that is looking for a single bag for multiple uses.

Its defining feature is the removable accessory pocket that can be used in three different positions: it can be buckled to the rear of the pack, attached on the front shoulder straps, or used without the pack by its own strap.

It comes fully equipped with bottom and side compression straps, a drop-down pocket, rain cover, water pocket, and port, and side mesh pockets.

It features a vented back panel, Lycra shoulder straps, and punched molded foam waist belt for maximum airflow and comfort.

Hunter Horn G2 Maq Pack Mossy Oak Infinity

HUNTER Horn G2 MAQ Pack Mossy Oak Infinity, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

The G2 is a great simple backpack for a day in the field. It comes with a total of 17 compartments for maximum organization of all your hunting gear.

You will be able to conveniently access 6 different pockets without taking it off. With its drop-down shelf and the tree strap, it works great in a tree stand or on the mountain.

You can even haul your bow in and out of the woods with the exclusive gear grippers. It takes a water bladder and has the right space for a broad headbox and first aid kit.

The strap-on quiver only takes slim arrows so if you are using thick arrows get a hip quiver and strap it on.

SITKA Gear Ascent 12 Pack

SITKA Gear Ascent 12 Optifade Open Country One Size Fits All

The Ascent 12 from SITKA is a stripped-down, dialed-in daypack for moving fast, as it is not big and very light. Its panel loader opens into a 1,200 cubic inch main compartment, complete with a hydration bladder sleeve and suspension hook.

Three zippered mesh pockets inside the front panel organize your necessities, while external Bungie compression doubles as additional storage. A lightweight toggle bow suspension system quickly secures your weapon.

It is a simple bow-hunting bag for those who don’t need to carry much load or prefer a light backpack. It’s not only well designed but it also looks terrific.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit, Mossy Oak Country, 2700 Cubic'

The Pursuit hunting backpack from ALPS OutdoorZ is a great medium-sized bag able to carry most of your hunting gear.

Its aluminum frame and extension lashing straps will allow you to carry heavy loads. It has a drop-down weapon holder designed for your gun or bow.

The adjustable torso range, padded shoulder harness, and padded waist belt will give you great comfort even when climbing.

It comes with a large front and main pocket, and the organizational shelf pocket will keep gear at your fingertips. It also comes with a hydration compartment for your water bladder. It easily hangs from a tree thanks to its D-ring clip.

Mossy Oak Knuckleboom Technical Pack

Mossy Oak Knuckleboom Technical Pack, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Its 40-liter main compartment is large enough to carry a tripod, folding stool, clothing, and other accessories.

The extra interior pockets allow for things like a range finder, gloves and other equipment to be carried separately.

Its wraparound main zipper makes access to all essentials extremely easy. It also features two side mesh pockets for water bottles and other items.

It comes with a ventilated mesh back panel and a composite stay suspension system.

It might not be as fancy as other hunting backpacks, but still, the Knuckleboom is a decent simple daypack at a good price.

Badlands Clutch Bow Hunting Backpack

Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack - Bow and Rifle Compatible, Realtree Xtra

Carry extreme loads with little sweat with this excellent backpack. This backpack has molded foam suspension and aluminum frame making this backpack ideal for big game hunters. As if created out of Timelord technology, this backpack has seemingly infinite space inside helping you fit all your essentials and more.

Containing nine easily accessible pockets, huge compartments, and a built-in rifle boot, you’ll be collecting your animal trophies in no time. Being of the highest possible craftsmanship this Badlands backpack is made of KXO-32 fabric, making it both scratch resistant and waterproof.

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse Bow Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS, Realtree Edge , 28' x 26' x 14'

A backpack of such a high degree of quality and versatility that it was probably used by the antagonist of the ‘Most Dangerous Game’. Containing an already enormous 3300 cubic inches, this backpack can be further expanded by another 1200 by removing the expandable pack section.

The camouflaged exterior will make you practically invisible when hunting, and the easily accessible bow carrying system will allow you to arm yourself in a hurry. With adjustable padded straps, this bag is as comfortable as it is useful.

Badlands Meat Hauler Bow Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler, Realtree AP-Xtra

This camouflage backpack contains all the hallmarks of an elite-level hunting bag. Like the Scrith of Ringworld, this hunting backpack is made of lightweight but tough material. Dubbed KXO-32., this special material provides the quietest and strongest bags while simultaneously making it highly weather resistant.

With a plethora of straps and pockets, this bag can contain an innumerable amount of different hunting essentials. For added comfort, this rucksack has a T-6 aluminum frame to take some of the weight off of your back.

Timber Hawk Killshot Bow Hunting Backpack

Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2-Liter Storage, RAX

With adjustable shoulder straps, this Timber Hawk backpack can be used with multiple torso sizes. The twill fabric gives you Ninja-like abilities to be quiet and deadly when hunting. Able to carry a rifle, bow, or tripod, this bag allows you to shoot with multiple different types of gear.

For added support, there is a padded waist belt with a tightening adjustment. As a complementary feature Timber Hawk has provided this product with a 2-liter reversible water bladder.

ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Bow Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix, Realtree Edge

This excellent hunting bag comes with extra comforts: The padded waist belt comes with a pocket at each hip, in addition, there is the center aluminum stay to help support heavier weights.

Travel to a galaxy far far away with the large inner cavity and fastening system that allows supporting weapons on either side of the pack. Inside the main compartment is an extra pocket to hold smaller items, along with an easy-to-access front pocket.

Allen Canyon Daypack Bow Hunting Backpack

Allen Company Canyon Camo Hunting Daypack, 2150 cu. in, Realtree Xtra Camo

From the south in Dorne to the farthest reaches of the Northern wall, travel through Westeros in style with this tough backpack. This hydration-ready pack has 2150 cubic inches to hold all your essential survival gear. Keep it all organized with the internal pocket organizer and compression panel.

The super silent Realtree Xtra camo fabric makes you catch your prey with no problem, all while staving off thirst with the pair of water bottle pockets. As an added bonus the zipper is extra bright to help open your rucksack in a hurry even in low light conditions.

ALPS OutdoorZ Quickdraw Bow Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Quickdraw, Realtree Xtra

Sling out the arrows like Robin Hood with this uniquely designed quick access pack. The padded shoulder strap can be switched to either be used by lefties or righties. The compartments are perfect for holding a GPS. Stay hydrated as you hunt with the two-liter reservoir. Made of brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric, this small little bag is perfect for those hunters that need to stay nimble.

ALPS OutdoorZ Willow Bow Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Willow Creek, Realtree Edge

Like R2D2, this little guy is full of big surprises! Keep all of your goods well organized in the main compartment. In addition, it has two front pockets and a kangaroo pocket along with the side compression straps. Coming with a complimentary three-liter hydration bladder, you don’t need to worry about becoming parched.

In addition, this lightweight and extra silent bag are perfect for those that are hunting, exploring, or rock climbing. For extra comfort the side straps are extra padded and adjustable, making them fit just about any body type.

My personal favorite

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS, Realtree Edge , 28' x 26' x 14'

Like young Ender Wiggin, I carefully deliberated and racked my brain. After a while, I finally decided that the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse Bow Hunting Backpack was the best for me. Able to hold a total of 3300 cubic inches worth of essentials, this bag is the ideal balance of price and utility. The weapon carrying system is easy to use, and the padded spotting scope pocket fits most scopes.

So you want a premium quality backpack

Like the legendary hero Link, you need the best equipment possible to complete your adventure. In addition, these bags are able to hold all sorts of hunting gear. Made of premium materials and offering the largest range of features on the market, these elite quality hunting backpacks will not disappoint.

So you want a bag that is affordable

Being a hunter or a survivalist can be a pricey business, especially if you want to have something with Hulk-like hardiness. Affordability does not have to be out of reach, as tremendous quality can still be found without burning away your checking account.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bow Hunting Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most underrated pieces of equipment when it comes to exploring, survival, and hunting. Don’t rely on substandard backpacks to hold your equipment. It takes only a tear or a break to ruin a hunting trip! With the best bow hunting backpack, you can be sure that you’ll have ultra-quiet products with a myriad of pockets. Strap up, suit up, and take your skills to the next level.

Video about Hunting Backpacks with Bow Holder

People also ask:

Seasonal Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Hand warmers/body warmers.
  • Emergency blanket.
  • Deer calls and deer lures.
  • Personal items like sunscreen, Chapstick, insect repellent and extra meds (2-3 days’ worth) in a Ziploc bag.
  • Optional Items:
  • A multitool.
  • An extra orange vest.
  • A face camo stick and/or a face mask.
  1. Grunt Call and Rattle Call. 10X42 Binoculars. Rangefinder. Pull-up Rope(s) Safety Harness and Safety Rope. …
  2. Deer Scent/Attractant Scent.
  3. Battery and Charging Cables (Phone/Tactacam)
  4. Knife/Gut Hook and Sharpener.
  5. Tree Stand Saw.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Extra Rope.
  8. Bow/Gear Hangers.

Elk Hunters Checklist for your Day Pack

  • License.
  • Hunter safety card.
  • Bullets.
  • Waterproof matches.
  • Toilet paper or scent free wipes.
  • Knives.
  • 20′ of rope or strong nylon twine (useful for tying a leg or two to a tree during field dressing)

Different people and body types mean that frame height preferences vary. In general, for most hunters with a torso length of 17 to 19”, a 24” tall frame does well with loads up to 40 lbs, while a 28” frame is better for packout loads of 80 lbs plus.

A hunting backpack is crucial hunting equipment and is as critical to your success as are the right bow, gun, and boots. That’s because a hunting backpack is more than just a hunting bag. It’s a piece of technical gear made to support its load and fit the gear you need without wasting space

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