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  • Catalog. Tetrafab Custom Cases.
  • LBU, Inc.
  • Longbehn & Co., Inc.
  • SC Fastening Systems.
  • Solar Biz Inc.
  • Colonial Teltek.

The growing market share and the increasing number of private label backpacks are now a global phenomenon. Many merchants and companies hope to get backpack manufacturers to produce branded products and design services specifically for them. Private brands can bring more traffic and occupy more market share. So we list some excellent private label backpack manufacturers. You can learn about their information through this list or choose to contact them for cooperation!

1. Bag Manufacturers USA

Founded: 2004


Address: California 90210, USA


Bag Manufacturer USA is one of the top private label bags manufacturers in the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the UAE. They provide a clear and extremely simple way to customize your bulk orders and get the exact type and type of customized bags you searched for at the American bag manufacturer.

2. Junyuan Bags

Founded: 2014


Address: Fujian, China

Introduction: professional supplier of various bags, one of leading ce certification small backpack factories and sports bag manufacturers in China, one of wholesale solar backpack factories in China, backpack factory for various bag designs, one of the best backpack manufacturers.

With nearly 15 years of experience, Junyuan bags is one of the leading private brand custom backpack manufacturers and one of reliable golf bag manufacturers USA and duffel bag manufacturers USA, a professional sports bag manufacturer and one of leading premium laptop backpack factories and travel bag factories, travel backpack manufacturer and bags manufacturers. Specialize in providing free brand design solutions and backpack products to overseas customers. Junyuan Bag Manufacturing creates highly customized high-quality backpacks according to your exact specifications.

laptop backpack factories
laptop backpack factories
laptop backpack factories

Junyuan Bags can offer various bag designs, including tool bags, diaper bags, tactical diaper bags, picnic bags, sneaker bags, sneaker backpacks, private label backpacks, travel bags, duffle bags, pet bags, baby carriers, hiking backpacks, hunting backpacks, golf bags, and fishing bags, laptop backpacks, frisbee bags, etc. You can take it as a good diaper bag supplier, reliable tool backpack manufacturer, indispensable pet carrier supplier, trustful picnic bag factory, high-end sneaker bag factory, superior duffle bag manufacturer, frisbee bag factory, private label duffle bag manufacturer, etc. Welcome your more ideas on different bag products.

sneaker bag
sneaker duffle bag

3. 3D

Founded: 1983


Address: Southern California


3D Industries is a manufacturer of customized technical clothing, sportswear and accessories for the world’s top brands. We are experts in manufacturing, specializing in technical projects. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Southern California. 3D Industries is a leader in customized backpack manufacturing services specializing in overseas production. They manufacture products according to the buyer’s exact specifications and requirements.

4. Oasis Bags

Founded: 2004


Address: California, USA


Oasis Bags has become one of the first-class private label bag manufacturing companies and suppliers, with a large number of durable, versatile, and highly rated bags! As a well-known luggage manufacturer and supplier in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, they have left a deep impression on customers with their wide range of products and services.

5. Shenzhen Minray Products Co., Ltd.

Founded: 2014

Address: Shenzhen, China


They are a service-oriented, quality-based one-stop private label backpack manufacturer and wholesaler. Their main markets are Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia. With the enhancement of freight capacity, we can now ship goods to all over the world and find customers from all over the world.


Finding private label backpack manufacturers is not an easy task. Hope this article can help you better find your favorite backpack manufacturer. Of course, we can also provide you with private brand customization services. Welcome to contact us and let us know what your needs are.

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backpack factory

Related questions on the custom backpack manufacturer

How do I find my custom backpack suppliers?

If you want to find a custom backpack manufacturer ASAP, go to your nearest trade show. Browse the backpack designs and talk with the manufacturer of the design you like.

How long does it take to create a backpack?

Then you realize it takes an average of 9 months to find a good enough custom backpack manufacturer. Let us help you find the right manufacturer for your product and instead of months start production in about a week on average.

Can you customize a backpack?

Custom backpacks are more than just functional, they can make an impact. With some bold or repetitive patterns, you can really make your custom printed backpacks stand out.

What Material are gym bags made of?

The materials widely used are leather, canvas and nylon. The price tag of the bag will be affected mostly by this feature. For instance, if you walk a lot or have a lot to carry, you might find leather a tad too heavy for you

What companies make backpacks?

Backpacks Suppliers
Catalog. Tetrafab Custom Cases.
LBU, Inc.
Longbehn & Co., Inc.
SC Fastening Systems.
Colonial Teltek.

Where are most backpacks manufactured?

And it’s true that most backpacks are made in China. There’s a lot of backpack manufacturing clustered around southern China which is where we made our first two models of the backpack. But while China the world’s largest manufacturer of backpacks, it also produces some of the worst.

Where are Herschel backpacks made?

Herschel is headquartered in Vancouver, with offices based in London and China. You can find Herschel products in over 90 countries. With over 10,000 stockists and 4,000 physical stores carrying them worldwide. Herschel currently produces their products in factories in China.

Where do duffle bags come from?

Duffel Bag Origins

Duffel bags (also called duffle bags) are named after the town where their thick cloth was originally made. The town of Duffel is in Belgium, near Antwerp, and its production of the bag’s coarse, woolen cloth dates back to the mid-17th century.

What are duffel bags made of?

Today, duffel bags are made from a variety of materials, including cotton canvas, waxed cotton canvas, polyester, vinyl, leather and Cordura nylon.

Whats a good size duffle bag?

The standard size for a duffel bag is about 17” wide, 22” high, and 10” deep. Most airlines won’t accept carry-on bags that are any larger, which is why it’s a good idea to try to stick to this size or smaller if you plan on traveling on an airline.

Which company makes the best golf bags?

The best golf bags 2022
PING Hoofer. Best overall golf bag. …
Zero Friction stand bag. Best value stand bag. …
Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag. Best waterproof bag. …
Titleist Players 4 Plus. Best players’ bag. …
Callaway Fairway 14. Best overall cart stand bag. …
MNML MV2 stand bag. …
Vessel VLS stand bag. …
OGIO WOODĒ 8 Hybrid.

Where are Ogio golf bags manufactured?

Ogio, based in Draper, Utah, focuses on athletic gear not only for golf but also motocross, triathlon, fitness and travel markets.

Where are Jones bags made?

Portland, Oregon
Founder George Jones designed bag elements that fit the form of producing golf bags by hand in Portland, Oregon. Over time the function of these signature elements created a unique focal point in the game.

Where are Titleist bags made?

All the big golf club and golf bag manufacturers, including Taylormade, Ping, Srixon, Titleist, Benetti and many others are already or soon will be manufacturing golf bags in China. In addition, with the advent of the Internet and our global village, made-in-chinacom is fast becoming a flourishing Internet address.

Which company makes the best handbags?

Top 10 Luxury Handbag Brands You Should Invest In

  1. Hermès. The popularity of this megastar fashion house is evident in people’s high demands despite its hefty price tags. …
  2. Chanel. …
  3. Fendi. …
  4. Louis Vuitton. …
  5. Marc Jacobs. …
  6. Mouawad. …
  7. Hilde Palladino. …
  8. Yves Saint Laurent.

What products require CE certification?

The following products require CE marking:
Construction products.
Electronic equipment.
Equipment and protective systems for use in explosive atmospheres.
Explosives for civil use.
Gas appliances.
Hot water boilers.

How small can CE mark be?

The CE marking must consist of the initials “CE”, both letters should have the same vertical dimension and be no smaller than 5mm (unless specified differently in the relevant product requirements).

Which products must bear the CE marking?

CE marking is mandatory for more than 20 product groups, including construction products, gas appliances, toys, measuring instruments, mobile phones and lifts. The European Commission website has a list of types of products for which CE marking is mandatory.

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