Travel Bartender Kit

  • Functional compartment and pockets can help to hold the bartender kits.
  • This travel bartender kit has 11 -pieces high-quality stainless steel bar set, including all the essential bar tools.
  • Whether you’re professional or amateur, this travel bar set will give you the power to make cocktails.
  • The bartender backpack has the interior front flat pocket is ideally for a cutting board, bar book, or notebook. 
  • Each bartender travel bag has two pockets on the side, giving you enough space to carry your picnic things.


Keep Perfect Travel Bartender Kit Bag Bar Wine Carrier Set Bag For Travelling Bartender Bag

Prior Choice Of  Travel Bartender Kit Bag

travel bartender kit bag

Optimal Bar Tools Organization

This bartender backpack with bartender travel kit, with two rows of pockets designed to perfectly fit bar tools and a rounded gusset at the top to accommodate long tools like the muddle, spoon, or squeezer.

bartender backpack

Professional Bartender Bag with Traveling Bartender Kit

Travel bartender kits details for our bartender backpacks:

11-piece stainless steel bar tools, durable and rustproof, dishwasher safe. whether you’re professional or amateur, this bar set will give you the power to make cocktails.

traveling bartender kit

Traveling Bartender with Functional Compartments&Pockets

This Bartender Backpack is with functional compartment and pockets.

Traveling bartender kit

traveling bartender kit

Bartender backpack

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What is a traveling bartender?

As a traveling bartender, your responsibilities are to travel to different locations and serve drinks at restaurants, local bars, or other establishments that serve alcohol. … Other traveling bartender jobs may involve working at an establishment for a limited amount of time before moving on to the next area.

What is a freelance bartender?

Freelancing bartender or company bartender usually provide their own bar equipment/tools. They also usually provide their own bar table, or portable bar. Private events can take place at the host’s house, a venue, corporate location, and etc.


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bartender bag bartender backpack

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