Basketball Backpack

  • Fashionable and durable sports backpack.
  • This sports rolltop backpack is large capacity and with practical pockets.
  • Spacious rolltop compartment stores your sweater,jacket some books or other small devices/equipment you might need. The rolltop closed by a zipper
  • Great gift idea for the holidays.


A Fashionable Travel Rolltop Basketball Backpack To Make Your Life Colorful

Travel Rolltop Backpack


The Fashionable Rolltop Backpack

This Modern School Backpack Rolltop Backpack is Great For Both Boys and Girls.


Travel Rolltop Backpack



Travel Backpack

A high-quality travel Backpack is constructed of high durability craftsmanship.

Travel Rolltop Backpack


Universal Style Backpack

This Backpack has a universal style and is adjustable from small to large.

Great for girls, boys, teens, kids, men, women, elementary, college, work, travel, teachers, students, business, and more. 

Travel Rolltop Backpack

What backpacks do NBA players use?

Quick Summary

Best Overall: Nike Elite Max Air.

Most Durable: MIER Basketball Backpack.

Most Comfortable: SC30 Undeniable.

Best Duffle Bag: Nike Brasilia.

Best Internal Storage: Point 3 Road Trip 2.

Best Budget: Under Armour Sackpack.


What should I keep in my basketball bag?

Basketball Survival Bag Essentials

BASKETBALL SHOES (don’t put those shoes on at home…they need to stay clean for the court! …

court grip (my kids LOVE this…so they don’t slide around on the court)

instant cold pack.

extra mouth guards.

first aid kit/ibuprofen.


wet wipes.


What is the point of a rolltop backpack?

Rolltop packs make it easy to eliminate unneeded backpack volume by rolling up excess fabric when you close the backpack. This helps compress your load by making it less bulky and more compact.


How does the roll-top bag work?

Rolltop make good EDC bags because they’re not intended to be built for dire conditions and complex journeys. They’re satchels where you throw in all the junk you need, roll it down, strap it in, and walk on with your day.


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