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By Una Baufala March 10, 2020

Standard Carry on backpack - side handle

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Do you know, what I thought when I saw the¬†Standard’s Carry-on Backpack for the first time? I thought that this backpack looks funny, and I didn’t like it. For me it looked like a soft-sided suitcase you put on your back. Strange, huh? But now, some 6 months later, after having seen it in real life and also after having been on a trip with it, I must admit – Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack is one of the most practical backpacks I’ve seen.

It doesn’t look that strange after all. Just like a regular,¬†medium-sized backpack. And I know I’ll be using it again and again on my future trips. It’s definitely not for all kind of trips and not for all types of travelers, but some, I’m sure, will love it.

Wanna learn more about this¬†hybrid backpack + see more photos? Then scroll down and continue reading my¬†Standard’s Carry-on Backpack review.

Standard Carry-on Backpack Review

Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack: Technical Details

Standards Carry on backpack - front

Size: 35  liter (zipped), 45 liter (expanded).

Dimensions (zipped):¬†21.5” x 13.5” x 7.5” (54.6 x¬† 34.3 x 19 cm).

Dimensions (expanded): 21.5” x 13.5” x 9.5” (54.6 x¬† 34.3 x 24.1 cm).

Size of the laptop sleeve: holds most of 15″ laptops, including 15” Macbook Pro.

Made of: 1680 denier high tenacity ballistic nylon (water resistant).

Weight: 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg).

Colors: Black (blue and orange interchangeable leather accessories included).

Check out Standard’s Carry On on Amazon!


7 Reasons to Love the¬†Standard’s Carry-on Backpack

1. The Backpack is Water Resistant and Easy to Clean

Standards Carry on Backpack - Side

Standards Carry on Backpack - Back

The backpack is made of high quality¬†ballistic nylon (1680D). It’s not a waterproof backpack, but light rain isn’t going to be a problem for you and your belongings. If, however, you’re planning to be outside in the rain for a longer while or it isn’t just a light rain out there, you can always use the raincover that comes with the Standard’s Carry-on Backpack.

All the outer surface of the backpack, except for the padded back, is made of the same material. Thanks to that and the backpack’s shape, it’s very easy to clean it.¬†Just use a non-abrasive cloth and diluted mild detergent to wipe down dirt, and then rinse the backpack.

2. It’s¬†Expandable

Simply open the zipper, and you’ll have¬†not a 35 liter carry on backpack, but a 45 liter one.

Standard Carry on backpack - logo

Which means that the same backpack can be both small and medium-sized.

But don’t be fooled by “small”, because it’s not a small backpack. In fact, a week ago we went on a 5-day city trip, and we had only this one backpack between two of us. And we used it as a 35 liter backpack. Having more stuff, we could just open the zipper and make the extra space. What it actually means, this expanding, is that by opening this one zipper your backpack becomes wider. And you can easily fit it, let’s say, 3-4 pairs of jeans.

What I don’t really like about the expanding is that the backpack also becomes bulkier. And it looks less nice. Well, but that should be obvious. If you’re bringing a lot of stuff with you, your bag is big, too.

3. The¬†Standard’s Carry-on Backpack is ROOMY

Empty backpack main compartment - Standards Carry on Backpack

And since it opens like a suitcase, it’s very easy to pack it, plus you can find that one thing without taking the rest of your stuff out of the bag. Gotta love that full-perimeter zipper. Even though, it may make you feel a bit lost at first. When you forget about it and can’t find where is the zipper clip to open the main compartment. But it turns out to be somewhere under. Happened to me a few times. You open the zipper, but it’s a laptop compartment. You try another one – it’s again the laptop compartment.

There is one big main compartment, as you can see in the photo above. Behind it is a big, separate laptop compartment, with detachable laptop + tablet sleeve.

And then there are pockets. A lot of pockets. Scroll down to see most of them how much you can fit in this backpack with ease.

4. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Inside of the Standards Carry on Backpack - Packed
Inside the main compartment of the Standards Carry on backpack
Frontal part of Standards Carry on Backpack
Pockets on the lid of the main compartment
Standards Carry on Backpack - packed
Main compartment of the Standard’s carry on backpack
Opening big pocket with jacked inside - Standards Carry on Backpack review
Large pocket on the lid of the main compartment

The bag features a hidden water bottle / umbrella pocket. What a good idea!

Standard Luggage Carry on Backpack - Side pocket
Hidden water bottle / umbrella pocket
Standard Luggage Carry on Backpack - Front pockets
Zippered front pockets
Standard Luggage Carry on Backpack
Laptop compartment at the back of the backpack
Standards Carry on Backpack - Pockets of the laptop compartment
Built- in laptop sleeve and pockets of the laptop compartment

The backpack features a special pocket where you can hide its shoulder straps. And a secret pocket in the main compartment, which I found by the accident.

Standards Carry on Backpack hideaway backpack straps
Special compartment for shoulder straps
Standards Carry on Backpack Hidden pocket
Hidden pocket

The best part about all these pockets that you can see yourself in the photos above is that all of them are big and spacious.

For example, the ones on the front of the backpack take up almost all the frontal panel of the backpack. Which is very clever. Why wouldn’t they, if there is enough space. As a result you can organize your belongings very, very well. And when you need to find something specific, you just need to look in the right pocket.

5. Removable Laptop Sleeve

Removable laptop sleeve - Standards Carry on backpack

Laptop compartment - Standards Carry on backpack

At first you think, ok, here it is. A nice, big and soft laptop + tablet sleeve. But what’s the point if I can only partly take it out? The thing is – you can take it out fully. Here is how it looks from behind.

Removable laptop sleeve with straps - Standards Carry on backpack

It’s a detachable laptop sleeve. Which is another thing I really like about this backpack. Because it means you don’t have to take out your laptop when you’re going through airport security. You can take out the sleeve with laptop and for example tablet (if you have one) in it.

6. It’s a Hybrid Backpack

Use it as a carry on backpack, suitcase or shoulder bag. In a minute you can transform it from a backpack into a shoulder bag and vice versa. It’s extremely simple and straight forward. Finding the¬†zipper clip to open the main compartment can sometimes be harder.

The backpack comes with a very good quality detachable shoulder strap and an OK removable hip belt. If you aren’t going to walk too much carrying it around like a shoulder bag can be even more comfortable than carrying it like a backpack.

Standard Carry on Backpack - removable hipbelt and shoulder strap

And this is how you can detach and attach backpack straps. It takes only seconds.

Standards Carry on Backpack backpack straps buckle

Blue or Orange?¬†You don’t have to choose. You are getting both. As 2 sets of¬†interchangeable leather accessories are included.

7. FREE Worldwide Shipping + Lifetime Warranty

If you are from outside the USA, go to the website of Standard Luggage to order this backpack!

Standard offers FREE worldwide shipping. Unless you are from the USA or Canada, shipping takes 4 ‚Äď 10 business days + 1 day for order processing.¬†If you are ready to pay a bit extra (around 30 USD, if you are from Latvia), choose expedited shipping. Then you’ll receive the bag in 3-6 business days, and it will be delivered to you by a courier.

Check out Standard’s Carry On on Amazon!

Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack: Bottom Line

It’s very easy. If you’re a frequent traveler (then you need a quality luggage), you want a backpack, not a suitcase, and you’re spending most of your time in cities – try the Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack. I would definitely recommend you to consider it when looking for a new travel backpack. Because it’s just a very good backpack.

Yes, it’s not a cheap backpack. It costs around 180 USD, but it also feels like a backpack that costs around 200 USD.

It’s a quality backpack. It’s sturdy, well-built and keeps its shape even when it’s completely empty.

Are you still thinking is it worth it traveling with carry on only? Is it even doable if you are traveling for more than a few days? From my own experience, traveling with carry on luggage only for most of the time since 2012, I can tell you one thing – do it. At least give it a try on a shorter trip, if you have doubts. And then you’ll see it yourself it it’s something for you or no. But for more and more people around the world that’s the only way they travel now. Because of how liberating it is.


  • When it’s full, it looks bulky, if carried like a backpack. Especially on a petite person.
  • It’s not the best bag to be carried around for more than an hour (if it’s full).¬†Yes, the back and handles are very soft and comfortable. But still you feel like carrying a small suitcase on your back. Unlike hiking and travel backpacks like the Osprey Farpoint, it doesn’t really fit the same as nice on your back. Not matter how I tried to adjust it.
  • Like most of quality backpacks it’s rather heavy. Meaning if you’re traveling with a carry on only you may use up to 1/4 of the carry on weight allowance by the bag itself. Without putting in anything in it.

Standards Carry on backpack on a person

Shoulder straps of the Standard Carry on backpack

This post originally appeared on Kaspars’s blog We Are From Latvia.

Text: Kaspars Misins.

Disclosure: Although the backpack was provided by Standard Luggage, my opinions shared are my own.

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