I am going on a journey and I am taking with me… an Eastpak Tranverz

I am going on a journey and I am taking with me... an Eastpak Tranverz

I am going on a journey and I am taking with me… an Eastpak Tranverz

Are you still looking for a handy suitcase or trolley that offers a lot of space and has many practical features? Then the Eastpak Tranverz is probably the travel suitcase that suits you and your journey completely! The Eastpak Tranverz L, Eastpak Tranverz M and Eastpak Tranverz S trolley cases are a good example of this. Just like the well-known day and school backpacks from Eastpak, the travel bags of this brand are made of very strong material and therefore also last a very long time. These travel bags on wheels can take a lot.

The Eastpak Tranverz: sturdy, practical and reliable

With the Tranverz series, Eastpak offers a practical travel bag on wheels for every kind of journey. Whether you are leaving for a few days or are planning a long trip, Eastpak has a Tranverz trolley in the format that meets your wishes and requirements. The model has a capacity of 42 liters up to more than 120 liters and is always equipped with two separate main compartments with a secure zipper. The big plus is that you can pack the travel bag quickly and conveniently. Thanks to the extendable handle and the wheels, the trolley follows you smoothly and if you have to wait a little longer at the airport, you can conveniently put the suitcase next to you without worrying that it will collapse. You can also adjust the volume of your luggage with the side straps.

The Eastpak Tranverz travel bag is for everyone

The Eastpak Tranverz is one of our most popular travel bags! The Eastpak Tranverz S, Eastpak Tranverz M and Eastpak Tranverz L are made of strong material so that the travel bags are firm and robust. The pullbar and wheels ensure that you easily transport the Eastpak Tranverz. We have a wide range of Eastpak travel bags in many different sizes and colors, so there is always an Eastpak Tranverz travel bag that meets your needs. You can choose from a nice solid color or a fancy design.

Which Eastpak Tranverz S, Eastpak Tranverz M or Eastpak Tranverz L travel bag do you choose?

With the Eastpak Tranverz you don’t have to worry that your travel bag will break down during one of your adventures. Of course, we all know the Eastpak brand for school bags and backpacks, but that is not the only quality product that Eastpak has in their range – the Eastpak Tranverz S, Tranverz M and Tranverz L travel bags are also robust and strong and can withstand rough handling. That the Eastpak Tranverz has grown into one of the most popular travel bag brands doesn’t surprise us! Are you not convinced of the Eastpak Tranverz travel bags? Don’t worry! Maes & Hills also offers other sturdy and reliable travel bags from Eastpak, including the Eastpak Trans4. This case is very similar to the Tranverz, but does not have 2 but 4 wheels, which provides extra stability. Are you more a fan of a hardshell suitcase? Then the Eastpak Tranzshell, available in different sizes, might be something for you.

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