How to Carry a Golf Bag

Carrying a golf bag seems like a mundane task, but it plays an important part in the whole golfing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will have an in-depth discussion on how to carry a golf bag correctly and explore the benefits, strategies, and skills of making your golf trip more pleasant. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golf player, mastering the art of carrying a golf bag will enhance your golf skills and bring you a sense of achievement.

Choosing The Right Golf Bags

When carrying a golf bag, choosing the right golf bag is very essential. There are various types of golf bags for you to choose from, including golf stand bags, golf cart bags, golf staff bags, golf travel bags, golf carry bags, golf caddy bags, and more. We will discuss the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the main and popular types of golf bags, helping you make wise decisions according to your requirements and preferences. Opting for a perfect golf bag should consider weight, storage, durability, and occasions.

Type of Golf Bags

Golf Stand Bag

As one of the most popular golf bags on the golf course, golf stand bags have striking features of convenience and portability. Besides, golf stand bags are designed with two legs to help them stand diagonally. The interior space of them is normally with separate dividers to hold your golf clubs, suitable for those who like walking the course.

best golf bag

Golf Cart Bag

One of the obvious features of a golf cart bag is its storage and weight. The cart bag is designed to fit on a push cart. Benefiting from the large-capacity design, golf cart bags are suitable for those golfers who get used to carrying more personal items, such as golf balls, golf towels, golf shirts, water bottles, and more. Generally, golf cart bags will be compatible with push carts for easy transportation.

Best Golf Cart Bags
Best Golf Cart Bags

Golf Staff Bag

A staff bag is a large-capacity and robust golf bag that professional golf players and caddies use to carry their golf clubs, golf accessories, and personal belongings during a game. Why call it a staff bag? Because it is often carried by a caddie, who is a member of the player’s staff.

Golf Sunday Bag

Compared with a Golf cart bag, a golf Sunday bag will be more lightweight, but with less storage space, normally it can hold 8-9 golf clubs. Golf Sunday bags are applied to par 3 on the golf course or practice on a special course. Actually, golf Sunday bags are not designed with stand, are more like golf carry bags, but now it is upgraded with a stand for easy usage on the course.

lightweight golf stand bag

Preparing for the Carrying

Organizing your golf bags efficiently is essential to the steady and comfortable carrying experience. We will discuss how to optimize the weight distribution and the practical way of arranging golf clubs, tees, and other accessories. You can put your golf balls, and golf tees in the side pocket, and also add some extra items, such as mobile phones, golf gloves, and golf towels.

Remember not to carry too many golf clubs because it will cause a heavy bag and put much pressure on your shoulder and back. What you need to do is carry golf clubs and personal belongings properly.

Choosing a Comfortable Carry Way

Carry a Golf Bag with One Strap

When meeting with a golf bag with one strap, you can swap shoulders to even up both sides of your body, so that it can help to balance the weight for each side of the shoulder. This applies to carrying any weight, not just a golf bag. You won’t feel tired during the walk to the golf course.

Carry a Golf Bag with Two Straps

Two adjustable shoulder straps will be a more convenient and comfortable way for golfers.

It will be more suitable for long-term wearing, and enable hands-free, so that you won’s muscle strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best position for golf clubs in the bag?

This rule is straightforward, if not always followed: If you carry your clubs, they should be organized from longest to shortest, top to bottom. The exception is your putter, which should live at the top among the other head-covered clubs.

How to Carry Your Carry Bag

Adjust the straps on the bag so you feel that “the weight is evenly distributed on each shoulder.”

The bag should be leaning at a 20-to-25-degree angle across your back.

Feel the bag resting against the small of your back—no higher or lower.

Always walk tall.

How do you carry a towel on a golf bag?

You’ll need to find a strap or hook spot on your golf bag or cart to attach the towel, with or without a hole, securely. If you don’t have hooks or straps on your bag, then using a carabiner or clip will be handy; you can attach the carabiner or clip to the handle of your bag or another appropriate spot.

What is ring on golf bag for?

The bottom edge of the golf bag is the so-called bottom ring. For tour players with sponsor support, the bottom ring of the tour bag is often customized with the sponsor’s web address. An individually embroidered bottom ring is made entirely by hand.

Where do golf balls go in a golf bag?

The pocket with the easiest access on the bottom front of the bag is your golf ball pocket. Put your balls here so that they are easy to find. Also, clean this out every once in a while. Nine balls should be enough!

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