Picnic Basket Collection

About Products and Supplier:

Nowadays picnic has become a relaxed lifestyle, when the picnic basket, picnic bag, picnic backpack, or picnic tote are needed quickly, you can try to find good designs on Junyuanbags.com. Each picnic basket or picnic bag will be euipped with complete tableware, quality cutlery and more. 

Carrying a complete picnic basket set will help you to enjoy the alfresco activities, be immersed in the nice picnic meals. Most of picnic baskets, picnic bags, picnic backpacks, picnic tote are made of strong and durable material, usually picnic basket is made with natural wickers, picnic bag is made of high quality oxford material. 

Some people maybe curious about the contents of picnic sets. Actually, complete picnic gears include wine cooler pouch to hold the wine or drinks, picnic blanket, picnic cultery for 2 person, 4 person, 6 person and more. Normally the picnic cultery include knife, fork, spoon, wine glass, corkscrew, chopping board, cheese knife, plate, etc. These options are flexible according to customers requirements.

The site Junyuanbags.com can offer you customized logo, size, equipment, material, color and more. Junyuan Bags is a professional bag designer and manufacturer of various bag products, besides the picnic bag, there are also sports bag, tool bag, sneaker bag, duffle bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, hunting bag, pet bag, golf bag, baseball bag, etc.

Get your favorite picnic set at Junyuanbags.com and stay happy and enjoy your time during the picnic. We hope that picnic sets designed and produced by Junyuan Bags will bring your more happy time.