Roll Top Waterproof Backpack

  • The waterproof dry backpack comes with two sizes and four colors to meet the different preference for outdoory people.
  • This waterproof backpack dry bag gets a large capacity that can store almost your gear for your day trips into the wilderness without risk of getting anything inside wet. 
  • Adopt 500D PVC heavy duty high-frequency welded seams material, this 45L waterproof backpack dry bag has superb waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof performance. 
  • No doubt this waterproof dry bag is your ideal choice for all outdoor adventure!


Roll Top Waterproof Backpack Outdoor Sport Custom Floating Fishing Backpack Waterproof Dry Bag

Roll Top Waterproof Backpack Waterproof Dry Bag

waterproof roll top backpack

Well-Designed Waterproof Dry Bag

This waterproof backpack dry bag gets a large capacity that can store almost your gear for your day trips into the wilderness without risk of getting anything inside wet.

Reflective Strip, External mesh pocket, side pouch, padded shoulder straps, stress points, top cap.

womens waterproof backpack

Adequate Capacity Waterproof Dry Backpck

This roll top waterproof backpack has about 25L adequate capacity for carrying more items.

waterproof backpack for men

Details about How to Seal The Roll Top Closure

High-end roll top backpack waterproof.


waterproof motorcycle backpack

Made for Various Adeventures

Multi-functional waterproof backpack to meet different demands.

hiking backpack waterproof
Are waterproof backpacks really waterproof?

A waterproof backpack, is of course 100% waterproof, but will also often be a bit heavier and have fewer features. Whereas a water-resistant backpack, hence the name, will only keep some water out. These work well in the rain, but that’s it.

Do you need a waterproof backpack?

Waterproof is more about being underwater than about being in the rain. Waterproofness is for extreme conditions, like falling off a boat, not for a short walk through a light drizzle. A waterproof backpack is only needed in situations where you might use a dry bag. They’re effectively the same product.

What is difference between water resistant and waterproof bags?

The difference between waterproof and water resistant seems obvious. It’s right in their names. Waterproof means water won’t get through the bag. Water resistant means the bag will hold up against water but, at some point, water will get through.

What bag material is waterproof?

A waterproof polyurethane coating on the inside provides the waterproof barrier and the outer material is usually a pack cloth made of nylon – example 220 Denier or 420 Denier thread. These two materials are laminated together to form the bilaminate. The material itself is durable.

Are most backpacks waterproof?

Not all backpacks are waterproof, but some can be. A waterproof backpack can usually be submerged without the contents getting wet. Just because a backpack is made with waterproof materials doesn’t mean that the backpack is waterproof. Some backpacks may be merely water-resistant rather than fully waterproof.


Various Waterproof Backpack Designs


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As a professional bag designer and manufacturer, we have certificate reports as follows, including MSDS, CPC, CPSIA, ISO9001, BSCI, ASTM, LFGB, FDA, RoHS, etc.

Production Process

Bag Production Process

Pre-Production: discussing design——Printing——Sample proofing confirmation——Mould development——Sample Making——Sample confirmation——Mass tinplate purchasing——Mass tinplate printing


Mass-Production: Cutting——Trimming——Punching——Bonding——Curing——Mounting——Cleaning——Packaging

Strictly Quality Control: IQC, PQC, FQC& OQC Guarantee.
Quality standard by ISO9001 & AQL 2.5-4.0.

Bag Production Process

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Canvas, genuine leather, non-woven, nylon, oxford, polyester, PU, PVB, RPET, etc.

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