RPET Shopping Bags

  • Fashionable and durable RPET shopping bags.
  • Reusable RPET shopping bags are convenient for grocery shopping
  • This RPET shopping box bags can be folded up flat for easy storage when not in use.
  • Multifunctional shopping bags can be used as a storage basket to organize toys/ books/CDs or to carry and organize laundry, cleaning supplies, art supplies, scrapbook items, and school work. 


A Convenient Trolley Folding Shopping Bag With Wheels Will Make Your Life Easier.

RPET Shopping Bags


The Environmental Folding RPET Shopping Bag

This folding shopping bag is helpful For people’s daily life.


RPET Shopping Bags



RPET Shopping Bag With Wheels

High quality shopping bag, is constructed of  recycled material.

RPET Shopping Bags


Reusable Shopping Bag

Reusable shopping bags offer a fashionable and great alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Great for girls, boys, teens, kids, men, women, elementary, college, work, travel, teachers, students, business and more. 

RPET Shopping Bags

What are RPET bags?

RPET bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, customizable to feature 1 color and 1 location imprint, and are built to last, as they are made with heavy-duty 125GSM material. RPET bags provide a suitable replacement for plastic bags. … Reusable RPET Bags are Customizable, Durable, Reusable, and Travel friendly.


What is RPET fabric?

What is RPET? RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET. PET is a strong, durable and recyclable material that is used for soda bottles, water bottles and food jars, while RPET can be made into such products as blankets, insulation, car parts, shoes and more.


What is RPET fabric made from?

polyethylene terephthalate

Recycled polyester is also known as RPET, with the “R” standing for recycled and the ”PET” for polyethylene terephthalate. Its use is particularly popular for sportswear, loungewear, and outdoor garments. It is made of recycled plastic water bottles, textile waste, and even old fishing nets.


How are RPET bags made?

RPET is the short name used for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (PET), which is weaved into a polyester fabric. Its yarn is extracted from waste plastic bottles and is used for a variety of bag styles including sports bags, satchels, luggage linings, school bags and fold up bags.


Is rPET expensive?

In 2017, the estimated average cost to produce virgin PET was $0.52-0.56 per pound, while the cost to process and produce rPET was estimated at $0.60-0.65 per pound.


Is rPET good for the environment?

Even though the manufacturing process uses less energy and has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET, the end-of-life for rPET pretty closely matches that of any other non-recyclable you’d throw away. Aka sitting in a landfill, biodegrading at a staggeringly slow rate.


Pictures of Fashionable and Reusable RPET Bags





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Q:Can I customized color or pattern?

A:Yes,customization is acceptable.

Q:Can I use my logo on the bag?

A:Yes,customers logo is available,can be custom design and custom logo.

Q:Can I have a sample first before large order?

A:Yes, sample order is available.

Q:What is the delivery date for mass production?

A:Normally 30-55 days for bag order.

Q:What type of payment terms can acceptable?

A:TT,L/C.PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,If any need,pleasecontact us for negotiation.

Q:Do your bags come with warranty?

A:Yes,we promise 12 months quality warranty according to proper using.

Q:What kind of logo can be use?

A:Metal logo,woven label,printing,rubber patch,PU label, sublimation printing.

Q:Do you offer special packing.

A:Yes,can be special packing like color box,high end gift box,high quality thick poly bag,shoe bag packing,card sleeve packing.

Q:Do you offer DDP service?

A:Yes,we offer sea shipment DDP and air shipment DDP and trailway DDP.

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Logo Customization

MOQ 500pcs can accept logo customization