Knife Bag Roll

  • 💖 Easy To Transport: Features 22 slots to holds knives, utensils, or other accessories.
  • 💖 Great way to store and transport your knives safely.
  • 💖 Durable Construction: Constructed from high quality oxford material, custom materials are also welcome, including leather knife bag, canvas knife bag, waxed canvas knife bag, and more.
  • 💖 You can have more options on the custom knife bags, we can offer you custom logo, size, material, design, pattern, and more.


Keep Perfect Chef Knife Roll Bag High-Quality Knife Roll Storage Bag Chef Knife Bag Roll

Premium Chef Knife Roll Bag

knife bag roll

Easy Carrying Chef Knife Roll Bag

This Chef knife roll bag is easy to carry and transport, and suitable for storing your knives, utensils and accessories.

chefs knife bag

Spots For Every Knife and Implement

Our premium chef bag is a multi-pocketed versatile, all-inclusive knife carrying case designed to handsomely carry your full assortment of knives, cooking tools and accessories safely, securely and conveniently.

knife bag roll


Weather Resistant Knife Roll Bag

Our knife roll bag is weather-resistant, it can protect knives, accessories and cooking tools from the elements.

knife roll bag

Make A Great Gift

This chef’s knife roll bag is ideal for anyone who cooks at home, attends culinary school or works at a restaurant and needs their tools organized, protected and at-the-ready at all times.

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What do chefs carry their knives in?

Advertisement. Chefs love their knives. They carry them everywhere in knife rolls, which are bags designed to house a whole bunch of very sharp knives in the safest and most discreet way possible

How do you store knives in a knife bag?

Also, do not force a knife into a spot that’s too small to avoid damaging the roll. Also, do not put any more than one knife in a single slot. Most bags will have a flap that lays over the knives. If your bag has this flap, use it to cover the knives and then roll the bag up.

How do I choose a knife roll?

Size and Capacity

Your knife roll should have enough space for all of your knives and essential tools. You need enough pockets to handle the different shapes and lengths of your equipment. You should also choose a bag with special pockets for other accessories you might have on hand.

Are knife rolls good for knives?

Regardless of the reason, then a knife roll is a great choice. This handy storage tool safely and securely keeps your knives in one place until you need to use them. Most chefs swear by them.

Are knife rolls good?

A knife roll is a good option for safe, organized knife storage at home, especially if you have a smaller kitchen and don’t want to store your knives in a wooden block or magnetic strip or shove them in a drawer. It also comes in handy if you’re, say, heading to an Airbnb for the weekend with plans to cook.


Various Knife Bag Designs

We can do multiple knife bag designs for you, you can also share your ideas with us, we will check it and make it for you.

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