PS5 Backpack

  • This PS5 backpack is Compatible with Xbox Series X and 15.6″ Monitor.
  • This Ps5 Bookbag is compatible with PS5/PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim/Xbox One/Xbox One X/Xbox One S.
  • Nice gift ideas for your family or friends.
  • This PlayStation 5 bag is with functional pockets to store all your game accessories.


High Quality for PS5 Console Protective Custom Storage Bag Play Station PS5 Backpack

Unique PS5 Backpack

ps5 backpack

Well-designed & Best PS5 Carrying Case

The dimension for this well-designed and best ps5 carrying case is 13.4 x 9.1 x 16.5inches.

Specially Compatible with Xbox Series X. Just carry your favorite game anywhere with this ps5 backpack and enjoy playing with friends. 

Best PS5 Carrying Case

Multiple Pockets PS5 Backpack

This PlayStation 5 bag has two zippered pockets on the front and two on the side for chargers, remote, cables, headphones, game discs and etc.


PlayStation 5 bag

High-end Custom PS5 Case

The custom ps5 case has a comfortable back padded compartment for a laptop or portable monitor.



Custom PS5 Case

Nice Gift For Friends or Family

This PlayStation 5 bag is portable for a gaming device. It can be taken as a nice gift for your friends or family.

PlayStation 5 bag

Can you take a PS5 on a plane?

The TSA allows you to bring a Sony PS5 console on an airline as a carry-on or checked bag. If you’re taking it on a plane, treat it like a laptop.

How do I pack my PS5 for travel?

Do not put the PS5 in your checked luggage if possible. According to the transportation security administration (TSA) you are permitted to bring a Sony PS5 console on an airplane in a carry on suitcase. Treat it like a laptop when going through the security checkpoint. Put your PS5 in its own bin to be scanned.

What size box should I ship a PS5 in?

20” x 20” x 10”
The best option to ship a PlayStation 5 is to re-use the retail box, which measures roughly 18.5” x 7” x 18.7”. Due to the size of the retail box, we recommend using a 20” x 20” x 10” shipping box because that will easily fit the PS5 box along with some bubble wrap.

Can I put ps5 in checked bag?

TSA is very clear that you are allowed to bring gaming consoles through airport security or in your checked baggage.

Can I take a PlayStation on a plane?

The TSA allows you to bring full-sized video game consoles, including a PlayStation on a plane. You are allowed to bring your PlayStation in a checked bag or a carry-on bag. Although you can bring your PlayStation in a checked bag or a carry-on bag, it will be safest in your carry-on bag.

Is PS5 portable?

The mention of a PS5 Portable is a bit curious and worth taking with a grain of salt. Since this prediction was initially published, Sony has gone on the record to say that it’s no longer making handheld consoles in late 2019.


Various PS5 Carrying Bag Designs

PlayStation 5 bag ps5 backpack Best PS5 Carrying Case
Ps5 Bookbag PlayStation 5 bag custom ps5 case


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As a professional bag designer and manufacturer, we have certificate reports as follows, including MSDS, CPC, CPSIA, ISO9001, BSCI, ASTM, LFGB, FDA, RoHS, etc.

Production Process

Bag Production Process

Pre-Production: discussing design——Printing——Sample proofing confirmation——Mould development——Sample Making——Sample confirmation——Mass tinplate purchasing——Mass tinplate printing


Mass-Production: Cutting——Trimming——Punching——Bonding——Curing——Mounting——Cleaning——Packaging

Strictly Quality Control: IQC, PQC, FQC& OQC Guarantee.
Quality standard by ISO9001 & AQL 2.5-4.0.

Bag Production Process

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Canvas, genuine leather, non-woven, nylon, oxford, polyester, PU, PVB, RPET, etc.

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