Golf Carry Bag Waterproof
Golf Carry Bag Waterproof

Best Waterproof Golf Bags

Golfing in wet weather is challenging enough without having to deal with sodden grips and soggy gloves.

Waterproof golf bags can really help you cope better with tough conditions and there are some great options currently on the market, both stand and cart/trolley bags.

Waterproof Carry Golf Bag
Waterproof Carry Golf Bag

You might already have taken a look at our ultimate guide to the best golf bags, but below, we’re focusing on the best waterproof golf bags and looked at a range of options to suit different golfing requirements.

Finding the right golf bag could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game.

If your equipment is well protected and efficiently stored, you can focus on what really matters – playing the game.

Whether you carry or use a cart, trolley or buggy, a waterproof golf bag will help you get the most from your game.

Waterproof Cover For Golf Bag
Waterproof Cover For Golf Bag

Stand or trolley bag, the best waterproof offerings will be constructed from waterproof fabric, have sealed seams and zippers and will come with a neatly fitting, easily attached rain hood.

Waterproof stand bags should still be super-lightweight and comfortable to carry, while waterproof cart/trolley bags should be robust and stable, providing easy access to all pockets.

Waterproof Golf Bag Sale
Waterproof Golf Bag Sale

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What are the best waterproof golf cart bags?

  1. Best Waterproof Golf Bags
  2. Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag. …
  3. Longridge Stand Bag. …
  4. PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag. …
  5. Motocaddy Dry Series Golf Cart Bag. …
  6. MacGregor 15-Series Water Resistant Cart Bag. …
  7. Big Max Dri Lite Tour Cart Bag. Specifications. …
  8. Longridge Cart Bag. Specifications. …
  9. Motocaddy Pro Series Cart Bag. Specifications.

Are golf bags water resistant?

Some golf bags are made from 100% waterproof material. But you have to remember that even if a bag is 100% waterproof, it doesn’t mean it won’t get wet and won’t be slippery to the touch. Also, water will go into the top of your bag unless you put a cover or rain hood over it.

Who makes best quality golf bag?

The Best Golf Bags of the Year:
Best Overall: STITCH SL1 Golf Bag.
Runner-Up: Callaway Fairway C Double Strap Stand Bag.
Best Lightweight Bag: Peter Millar Lightweight Carry Bag.
Most Spacious Golf Bag: PING Hoofer Stand Bag.
Best Value Golf Bag: Stix Golf Stand Bag.
Best Players’ Bag: Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag.

Is TaylorMade deluxe cart bag waterproof?

10” Top Cart Bag made from premium quality PU material. 10 strategically placed pockets including: Waterproof fur-line valuables pocket.