Holiday Business Etiquette… in 2020 – Junyuan bags

Here’s a fun open thread for today: How has holiday business etiquette changed this year? Some general questions to direct the conversation:

  • Are you sending cards to more colleagues — or fewer?
  • If you’re doing white elephant gift exchanges, how is that different this year?
  • Are you giving a different holiday bonus to your assistant than you normally would? Are you expecting a different bonus this year than normal?
  • If your office holiday party is virtual/on Zoom this year, do you have any pet peeves or things you wish people wouldn’t do?

For my $.02, since everyone who works for Corporette is virtual, not much is changing for us. Regarding my husband’s office, there obviously aren’t any in-person holiday parties this year since the majority of people are working virtually. Historically, his boss often arranges for the entire staff to see a Broadway show together, which obviously isn’t happening this year either. His boss has already sent us a nice gift basket, and we may return the favor.

How about you guys — what are your normal holiday traditions at your office or in your group? How are those holiday traditions changing this year — as well as the resulting holiday business etiquette?

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